Why the Honda EU2000i generator is right for me

We’ve been camping and RV’ing for quite some time and I have to admit I owned more than a few generators over that period, but you can’t beat the Honda for their reliability and they are super quite.

When I started on my quest to get a new generator, I have to admit that I agonized for quite some time comparing as many types of generators. I was tempted to buy a cheaper brand, but when I had a look around the campsites, swap meets and flea markets that attend all over the place, I kept seeing theHonda EU200i 2000i quietly working away powering all sorts of demanding and delicate electrics.

I’ve even seen some units powering “impossible” loads like 7,500 or even 10,000 BTU air-conditioning units and when the loads are much smaller, the EU2000 can drop back to the “Eco” mode which is I find impressive.

This got my thinking, why didn’t these people buy the cheaper units? When I started asking around I kept getting the same 3 replies:
1. Reliability,
2. Quietness and
3. Ease of starting

At one of the campsites we visited I saw this older woman (must have been mid-seventies) start one of these generators with just one pull! That did impress me!

Not that its has happened to me, but I have spoken to people who have some issues with the carburetor on these units.
They seem to be a bit delicate and if the fuel you use is not the best, then you could expect problems down the track. I have been told that theyseem to simply replace the carburetors rather than repair them, so that a plus!

You can get a “parallel kit” that will let you connect 2 generators together to generate even more power, not that I’ve had a need for this, but its nice to know its available.

We did end up getting the 2 wheel cart, and its made moving the generator around much easier, a decision we don’t regret at all.

Sure I could have save $200 – $300 buying a cheaper generator, but I have been “burn’t” in the past when I thought a cheaper unit would do and I eventually ended up having to by the better unit later as the cheaper one could nut do the job.

Our unit has been extremely reliable, its runs for almost 8 hours on a single tank of fuel, but its the quitness I am most impressed with. The specifications say its generates 53 to 60db of power, but I’m sure ours is even more quiter than that.

The Honda EU200i 2000 Watt generator has been one of our better purchases and I’m telling everyone.