Whats the right size generator for you

This is a topic that worried me when I first went looking for a generator. I didn’t want to buy a unit that was tool small and then end up having to buy a bigger one later, but at the same time I didn’t want to buy something that was going to be over-kill. Lets hope this informations helps you out.

Before selecting a generator, you need to determine how much power you will need. Choose an under-powered generator and you wont’ have enough “grunt” to power all your electrical devices at the one time and you might even damage some of the more delicate electrical devices.
Select a generator that is too powerful, and then you will end up
pay fore extra power that you don’t need , plus you will require more fuel to run a bigger machine than a smaller machine.
So why waste money when you don’t have to?

Sp how do you find out how much power you need?

I would suggest going through all the electrical devices you want to power at a time and check the label on each devices and record the watts each devices will require. Make sure you only include devices that you want to run simultaneously. Remember some devices will only get  used occasionally and some of these may draw a lot of power, so use some common sense in determining what you want to run off this generator.

Then add all these “wattage” values together and multiple the number by 1.5
We do this because appliances need extra power to startup.

This should give you a good figure to go out looking for the correct size generator for your needs.