The Honda EU2000i Generator

The Honda EU2000i generator is one of the latest series in Honda’s “Super Quite Inverter” Series. It is pretty quite generating less than 60dB of sound during operation.

This Japanese made “pull-start” unit comes with a standard 0.95 gallon (3.6 litre) fuel tank and can operate for almost 8 hours on a single tank of fuel.

Its comes in a nice compact size, meaning that its great for camping or stowing away in an RV or caravan. It weight about 45 lbs (20 kg) unit produces some of the cleanest, purest power around.
Sure its not a true sine wave generator but its pretty close, so I’m pretty confident its not going to damage any of my expensive electrical gear.

Honda is using a 98.5 cc engine and can safely and reliably produce 2000W for half an hour (proven) while many other brands can only do this for 30 seconds or so. Sure this is not a big deal, as most people will only ever use the maximum power when under a heavy load.