Why the Honda EU2000i generator is right for me

We’ve been camping and RV’ing for quite some time and I have to admit I owned more than a few generators over that period, but you can’t beat the Honda for their reliability and they are super quite.

When I started on my quest to get a new generator, I have to admit that I agonized for quite some time comparing as many types of generators. I was tempted to buy a cheaper brand, but when I had a look around the Continue reading Why the Honda EU2000i generator is right for me

The Honda EU2000i Generator

The Honda EU2000i generator is one of the latest series in Honda’s “Super Quite Inverter” Series. It is pretty quite generating less than 60dB of sound during operation.

This Japanese made “pull-start” unit comes with a standard 0.95 gallon (3.6 litre) fuel tank and can operate for almost 8 hours on a single tank of fuel.

Its comes in a nice compact Continue reading The Honda EU2000i Generator