About Me

originalHi, I’m Brian Coombes.

I love travelling around the country in my RV,fishing and getting in some kayak fishing whenever I can.

I initially started work as a software developer, but the call of the road was too strong and so my wife and I packed up and now travelling the slow way around the country, trying to find those little know, hidden places that are off the track that really make this country an amazing place.

I made this simple little site, becuase I am a real fan of the honda EU200i generator. We use it extensivley in the RV and is has never let us down.

I’ve seen other RV owners struggle with their generators. Everything from starting them to unclean power supplies. Just love the Honda.. Its simple, its reliable and its just works!!!!

If you want to contact me, get me on


As we are on the road a lot and connecting to the web in some places is a real struggle, I might not get back to you straight away, but I’ll do my best